Mosaic House

Mosaic House: Expansive, Community-Focused Care

Mosaic House works to eliminate homelessness among pregnant women at risk for abortion. This is a powerful way for us to address one of the biggest barriers that keep women in fear of unplanned pregnancies—housing. Mosaic House creates a safe space for new moms to fully immerse themselves in parenthood, career advancement, and Biblical learning.


  • 65% of Mosaic clients are single moms with little or no support and who are at or near the poverty line.
  • In 2023, we saw more domestic abuse cases than ever before. The need for safe housing for moms and their babies is critical.
  • Insecure food and housing among women continue to drive abortion decisions.
  • Abortion remains the top cause of death in Virginia.
  • Pro-abortion efforts and resources continue to expand throughout Northern Virginia.
  • We have outgrown our current center and lack the space to serve the client needs of our community.


Mosaic House is a place where single moms can love their newborns, focus on their careers, and get a fresh start—all in a Christ-centered home that’s rent-free. Mosaic House will give our moms in need:

  • Intentional Christ-centered community
  • Birth planning advocacy
  • Career counseling
  • Step-by-step milestone achievement
  • Early parenthood support
  • Healthcare and childcare referrals
  • Relationships with the local Church

…And everything single moms and their children need to achieve long-term housing and independence.