A Mission for the Church

Join the Mosaic Bridge Communities today and become an instrument of Christ’s hope and love for women and their families. Bridge Communities is an exciting opportunity for your church to be a catalyst of godly transformation by fostering relationships with our clients in need.

Possibilities include:


Help support women facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy while empowering them through prayer, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and with practical assistance.


Help a new mom by throwing a baby shower or providing other material or financial needs.


Organize a meal train for anew mom to help with those first weeks home. Or walk alongside her by teaching her how to cook a healthy meal for her family.


Transportation is often a struggle for the women we see at Mosaic. Providing gift cards or giving rides to the grocery store or critical newborn appointments are a huge help!


By offering child care opportunities, Moms can go to their appointments, run errands, or enjoy a much needed respite.

The Gospel of Jesus: We believe faith plays a vital role in the journey of pregnancy and parenting. Mosaic Bridge Communities connect women and families with church members who offer Christ-centered care, prayer, and discipleship.

Loving Care: Bridge Communities extend heartfelt compassion to women and families in need. Through your church teams, you can make a difference by volunteering your time, talents, and resources to provide a listening ear, assistance and mentorship to those in need.

Lasting Connections through Bridge Communities: Your church will forge lasting connections with women and families. By being a part of their journey, you can build meaningful relationships, sow seeds of hope, and help transform lives.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Jennifer at