Baby Bottle Campaign

Through the Mosaic Virginia Baby Bottle Campaign,  you and your church have a unique opportunity to bring much needed financial support to Mosaic’s life-saving mission through individual donations of cash, change, check, or online gifts.

But you also have the opportunity to spread the word about our services to church members and their friends who may right now be in the midst of a pregnancy crisis.

2024 is a milestone year for this vital mission. As we opened a second center in 2022, we are now expanding our reach and ability to offer more services in Northern Virginia with the addition of a Maternity Home now open early 2024. But we cannot do this without the help of the surrounding church community. The Baby Bottle Campaign is Mosaic’s second largest fundraiser.

Would you consider joining us to make a difference for Life?

The Baby Bottle Campaign can be done through an in-person campaign with baby bottles, a virtual campaign, or a hybrid with both in-person and virtual elements. Our team will provide everything you need to run the campaign smoothly, from bottles to bulletin inserts, including setting up a table to answer questions and provide a visual experience, and we are happy to help with any requests or needs.

To learn more or to sign up to participate in the Baby Bottle Campaign, please email Jennifer at or by calling 703-729-1124.

Thank you for partnering with Mosaic Virginia to save lives and reach more for Christ in Northern Virginia!

Mosaic Virginia Baby Bottle Campaign Display